Hot Tub and Swim Spa Repair and Maintenance Tips

There’s no doubt that hot tubs and swim spas offer a wide array of health benefits. From soothing arthritic joints and alleviating stress to promoting better sleep and boosting circulation, these relaxation tools are more than just an enjoyable form of recreation. With that said, hot tubs are complex pieces of machinery with many moving parts, and regular service and maintenance are essential to ensuring quality performance and long-term longevity.

When something starts to go wrong with your hot tub or swim spa, the last thing you want to do is ignore it, allowing it to deteriorate further and possibly lead to a major repair bill. Instead, nip problems in the bud by following some routine hot tub and swim spa repair and maintenance services tips.

The Pump

Your hot tub’s pump is responsible for circulating water throughout the system, aiding in filtration and heating. When this component starts to experience issues, it can cause low water levels or result in a murky or cloudy water. In addition, a loud, high-pitched noise typically indicates that the bearings in your pump are starting to wear down, leading to an expensive replacement.

Hot Tub Jets

Your hot tub’s jets create the soothing, massaging action that hot tubs are renowned for, giving you that spa-like experience at home. However, these jets can suffer from a variety of issues including a reduced water flow stemming from clogged filters or an airlock. When this occurs, you can often remedy the issue by turning on your jets in 15-second bursts until you see air bubbles forming and releasing.

Hot Tub Control Panel

The control panel on your hot tub is one of the best ways for it to communicate important information with you, and examining the codes displayed can be an effective way to determine what may be causing your issue. The most common code is an error indicating that the filter needs to be cleaned, and you can typically resolve this by draining and cleaning your filters.

In some cases, hot tubs and swim spas are completely encased within a deck or stone enclosure. In these cases, identifying and fixing an issue with the spa can be a challenge. Fortunately, the Memphis hot tub service and repair professionals of Island Pool and Spa have extensive experience in this area and can provide an expert evaluation of your system to determine the source of any potential problems. This evaluation can help you avoid costly repairs and prolong the life of your beloved hot tub or swim spa. For more details visit